Alamere Falls

Alamere Falls is a beautiful and a rare tide-fall in the  Point Reyes National SeashoreMarin County, California. The 9.5 mile hike to this 40ft waterfall not only let’s you enjoy stunning views of the Pacific but also lets you check out three beautiful lakes.

Alamere Falls and Alamere Creek Beach

Alamere Falls and Alamere Creek Beach

Hike Details

  • Distance: 9.5 miles
  • Elevation: 1000 ft
  • Time taken: 4 hours
  • Trail type: Out and back
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Season: Good anytime, best in late winter.
  • Trailhead: (Palomarin Trailhead) Mesa Road, Bolinas, CA
  • Date last hiked: March 24, 2018

The Trail

Start at the Palomarin Trailhead located in the parking lot near the restrooms. After about 5 minutes into the trail you will find a map on your right that lays out the route to the falls. Please take a picture of this map as there are chances of getting lost on the trail. Close to the map, you will find Palomarin trail to the left. This trail descends on to the beach. After about 15 minutes on the Coast Trail, you will step out of the woods and edges toward the ocean and some dramatic cliffs.

Bass Lake

Continue on Coast Trail for about 4 miles. En Route you will find three lakes: Bass Lake, The Crystal Lake and Pelican Lake.

After about 4 miles along Coast Trail, there is an unmaintained trail towards Alamere Falls on your left. If you reach a bridge after the lakes, then you have come too far. Turn back and find the trail towards Alamere Falls or  continue on Coast trail till you reach Wildcat Camp and then head south on the beach till you reach Alamere Falls.

The final descent to the beach is narrow and steep and requires a scramble. There are two steep parts, the first takes you just above the main part of the falls, where there are a few smaller waterfalls. Once you’ve had a chance to check it out, head further down the trail to get to the beach; this is where the main waterfall is located.

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